The Corona Project Research and Conclusion Paper 1

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

The Corona Project Research and Conclusion Paper 1

As tireless, obsessive, and experienced researchers always seeking the truth, we are skeptics first. We follow the Scientific Method until we have enough data and evidence to reach a conclusion. We have reached a consensus and a conclusion, and this information is not only controversial, the implications for Humanity and the Earth are potentially devastating.

The widespread deep drilling of the Earth, mostly seeking fossil fuels, caused excessive amounts of geothermal heat to be released from the Earth. Other Human activities, particularly since the Industrial Revolution, also caused global warming to occur. This excessive heat caused the atmosphere of the Earth to expand. Think of a Jiffy/Jolly popcorn on the stove – the heat is turned on and the foil rises and expands. Too much heat can cause this foil to expand beyond it’s capacity and rupture, especially if the foil has areas that are weakened, or that possess less integrity. Planet atmospheres are severely weakened by man made events such as the enormous release of greenhouse gases, hydrocarbons, and nuclear explosions. The increased pressure placed upon our atmosphere by released geothermal heat from over drilling into the planet and man made global heating through various activities and greenhouse gas release, coinciding with a weakening of the atmosphere – especially in the polar regions, caused the atmosphere to rupture. This is true.

Scientists have determined the amounts of CO2 released by humanity have reached dangerous, potentially catastrophic levels. CO2 is a gas that produces a cooling effect upon the planet. Heat rises and CO2 sinks, it is lighter than air. The heat escapes, the CO2 sinks, not only producing a dual cooling effect but literally the gravity of this heavy gas is pulling the atmosphere down -- precipitating collapse.

In 2008 – 2009, the outer atmosphere of our planet collapsed. This is a fact. A global disaster was avoided by intensive atmospheric and climate manipulation. Geo-engineering is the term used by CIA Director when he revealed it’s past and present use, and explained it and it’s use in a teleconference. Why 2008-2009? Our Sun somewhat waxes and wanes like the Moon. Sometimes we receive more heat from the Sun, sometimes less. In 2008-2009, the Sun was in a low cycle and did not send as much heat to our planet, and, along with the above, cooled the Earth. The magnitude of the collapse was two to three times greater than low solar activity could explain. The sky fell. Fortunately it was a catastrophe that was very narrowly averted through the use of geo-engineering. However, scientists warned that the Sun would again be in a low cycle in 2019-2020. With an even larger amount of atmospheric CO2, a similar but potentially devastating scenario could – and would eventually at some point with our current behaviors – cause not only the upper atmosphere to collapse but could cause a chain of events precipitating total atmospheric collapse.

It was determined that human release of CO2 into the atmosphere must be curtailed by as much as 50% in the year 2020 to avoid a potential, and very real, extinction level event. A release of the above information, planet-wide, was deemed too risky and could elevate an already extremely dangerous situation. A solution was found that not only would limit Industrial and Biological CO2 release, but could be, and has been extensively, used toward their interests in multiple beneficial ways by controlling segments of society. A virus was created and released.

Understandably, very difficult to comprehend or believe. However, it is no coincidence that the virus peaked as the Northern Hemisphere reached the longest night and winter. On December 21, the days start to become longer again. The Northern Hemisphere contains the majority of our planets land mass and industry, generating much more geo-thermal and man-made heat than the Southern Hemisphere and cooling this region in particular was potentially Humanity ending. The release of global CO2 data for 2020, which showed an increase in CO2 levels, prompted a brief spike in Corona cases in early January. Planetary governments and the elite seek to colonize Mars as soon as 2025. This is true. "Is the rush for Mars indicative of foreseen future calamity? Maybe."

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