When astronomers viewed the Universe through the latest telescopes capable of "looking back" into time and seeing it as it evolved, they discovered that the Universe expanded faster than the speed of light. But nothing moves faster than light. They were quite puzzled. "For about 30 seconds after the Big Bang, The Universe expanded faster than the speed of light. Take the speed of light and place a massive explosion behind it and you've got the speed of light with 'a firecracker under it's ass' that pushes it to new limits. However, the speed of light accelerated will eventually slow down. And the equation GM=TC cubed explains this decrease."

In 2015, NASA stated that civilized Alien life would be found within 10 years. "They already know, and now the process of preparing The People for this event is taking place - Hence, the US Navy Tic Tac, Fleer, and Go Fast videos released in 2017 purporting UAP's, craft of unknown origin with performance defying currently known physics - and the corresponding Media coverage spinning a story sponsored by The Government. They're controlling the narrative. Disclosure is happening now, with the US government and The Vatican leading. The Vatican released a statement speaking of 'Our ET Brothers and Sisters.' We're being programmed to accept the reality of Extraterrestrial life. That's what's happening. Soon."

Updated: Oct 28

"If you want Apples, be Johnny Appleseed," says Gnos Sherman, WUAPASS Founder/CEO. "Use the technique of 'Panspermia' to seed the Universe with beings who look and act like you You'll have natural allies spread everywhere."

It has been suggested that 'Panspermia' was used to seed the Earth by the very scientist who first discovered and decoded the Human Genome - DNA. "He realized after intense study of Human DNA that it could not possibly be as complex as it is in the time frame of Earth's history. It had to have been created elsewhere."

What does this mean for Humanity? "DNA is a programmable code meant to create self-replicating biological robots to seed the Universe. You don't need to go anywhere to explore The Universe. You can conquer The Universe from the couch now, just spread your DNA throughout The Cosmos populating The Universe with Humanoid Biological Robots, or Androids, that are consciousness connected, and even controlled tele-operationally - remotely from your home world as Avatars."

Who are you? A Man or Woman? All Human thoughts and movements are generated electrically using bio-chemical processes within and between cells... "You're an Android sending and receiving information through DNA and the frequency you resonate, used to explore The Universe and send back the experiences which are used to ensure the healthy and successful evolution of the Universe. Our progenitors don't have to go anywhere. We are all proxies. Because sometimes you've got to already know. That's how it works."