We use the scientific method to observe, record, evaluate, and conclude. We critically analyze every potential aspect of all we intend to report upon, thoroughly evaluating every situation with a skeptical eye, then our team of professional Ufologists painstakingly pours over every detail before reaching a consensus and a conclusion.  


What We Do

From Blog posts, forums, and groups we provide a place for those looking for answers to many of the great questions out there. Join us and share your experiences. We are WUAPASS - World Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Association

Alien Agenda

Why are they here?  What do they want?  From various statements from credible individuals to multiple hypothesizes regarding the Alien Agenda, we explore every potential scenario, manipulations, and the future intended for Humankind.

Alien Technology

From the first reported recovery of Alien Technology through the current use of this technology by world governments, and the suppression of this technology from the general population of the world.

Alien Abductions

For many years, perhaps millions of years, alien abductions have occurred, been reported, and alien depictions have been recorded from ancient cave stone walls to present day digital photos and renditions.

Human and Extraterrestrial relationship

 Were humans created by aliens?  Was our and is our DNA being modified to suit the Alien Agenda?  Have Aliens interfered in the evolution of humanity?  What is the correct relationship between Extraterrestrials and World Governments.