The Corona Project Research and Conclusion Paper 2

The Corona Project Research and Conclusion Paper 2

The Corona virus may be a deliberately manufactured virus, designed to accomplish multiple goals. The question is, “Who created the virus.” This is the question that will be posed, presented, and used by the controlling powers to manipulate the populace of Earth. Who could create this virus? Clearly, multiple governments are, and have for decades been, conducting scientific research on these biological processes and have the means to create, and have created, viruses similar and such as the Corona virus. Motives must be investigated, and clearly understood. Agendas must be considered, and the possibility of misinformation, disinformation, or even a false flag operation must be factored into the equation. Multiple interests may be involved. Multiple groups, entities, and states could be represented. The virus was designed to facilitate many goals, and has NOW accomplished, or partially accomplished, many of those objectives. Let’s look at the potential goals which could be accomplished by this virus, and who would benefit,

Corona is a desperate act at the end of a very long and very complex series of events that cumulatively led to the creation of the virus. Instead of attempting to explain this full narrative in one paper, we will provide a glimpse of each component and how it relates to the full narrative and build upon each component so the full narrative can be clearly exposed.

The virus could be 1) Naturally occurring, either from a terrestrial or an extraterrestrial source. 2) Artificially engineered either from a terrestrial or an extraterrestrial source.

We have concluded that the Corona virus is a deliberately manufactured virus created terrestrially to accomplish multiple goals. First, and foremost, the alarming levels of ambient CO2 threatened the planet by potentially causing a full collapse of the Earth’s atmosphere. Elevated CO2 levels precipitated the partial collapse of the atmosphere in 2009-2010, along with lower levels of solar radiation being received from the Sun. In 2019-2020, the Earth was again positioned to receive minimum levels of solar radiation. CO2 levels needed to be reduced significantly to curtail the threat of atmospheric collapse.

Many nations are economically strained caring for the disabled, sick, or elderly. It is postulated the United States Social Security system is bankrupt of assets while encumbered with massive liabilities. Corona will lower the liabilities of Social Security by a trillion dollars, per year, with possibly up to 20 trillion dollars in total future liabilities reduced.

An Electronic Surveillance State, or ESS, has enveloped and now encompasses the entire world. Numerous laws stripping Americans of our rights have been passed and put into effect. All electronic communications are monitored. A cell phone purchased today will not allow the location to be turned off. The static movement of the American people was required for the ESS to be fully implemented. GPS monitors the location of our devices, and hence us. Corona allowed the ESS to electronically monitor, identify, and catalog the devices used by us, who is using each device, and where the devices are located. Names were attached to devices, locations, and addresses. , To facilitate martial law, an electronic lockdown could and would occur. The United States is preparing for that potentiality.

Facial Recognition Technology, or FRT, is the latest state sponsored technology used to manipulate and control the masses. The main facial area used to identify individuals is at eye level and across the width of the face. The widespread use of masks during the epidemic allowed the full scale testing of the FRT system using only this eye level swath to identify individuals, catalog movements, and connect electronic devices to specific individuals.

Age directly equates to wisdom. Attempts to manipulate the masses often coincide with the elimination or reduction of the intelligista of a state, as they are seen as a threat to those holding power. The cumulative wisdom of our state has been greatly reduced, as has the threat of exposure to the state.

The motivations to create the Corona virus are clear. Intended or not, and regardless of responsibility, many the above potential motivations have been partially or fully realized. Good day.

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