You Can Be You Again Now

"They're cranking them out like sausages," states Dr. Steven Greer, one of the most respected Ufologists today. It's happening in a "top secret" underground base run by the US in Australia called Pine Gap. Greer's thoughts were that the Little Greys being produced on assembly lines there would be used in a "Fake Invasion," however WUAPASS's Gnos Sherman has discovered that is not the case. "Everyone wants to sensationalize it, us against them - and some of that has happened - but in general ET's are friendly and we've been working with them a long time. As Linda Moulton-Howe states, 'the machinery of the Universe is the recycling of souls,' and I've concluded that Open Contact will be soon, and Humanity will be uplifted by this as that will be revealed. And now we will have an option - go the traditional route and let your soul recycle naturally at death, unknowing where it may reincarnate - and you won't be "you" - or you can be you again if you purchase a little Grey. It's a container for souls and you can keep your own consciousness this way as well, and that's how it works."

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