WUAPASS Theory : Napkin/String/Paperclip Tech Shows Space/Time Portal Possibilty - "It's an Analogy"

Updated: Sep 2

You've got a long ways to go, and a short time to get there. Just what in The World can you do?

"Take a shortcut," says Gnos Sherman, "You're in a spacecraft propelled by a torsion vortex engine, as we've extensively detailed in previous articles. Instead of pushing against Space/Time, like conventional tech, you're pulling in Space/Time and compressing it with your 'Space/Time Whirlpool.' You point at any point anywhere and you pull in Space/Time like a rope - from you to your destination. Now imagine a napkin with a string running diagonally corner to corner. Pulling the string in, and pulling the opposite napkin corner to you shows how once linear Space/Time can fold. Now paperclip that folded napkin and you've got a Space/Time shortcut, a Portal, It's an analogy."

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