WUAPASS : "Best Headlines Ever"

"Give Me The Blueprints!" : Dark Side In the Shade - "We've All Got Everything Ever Inside Always By Design"

"Massless" Craft Weapons Platforms Demand Zero Recoil Systems : "Lasers"

"It All Goes Back In The Box" : What Really Matter's ?

"She Said Yes" : Alien Abduction Long-Term Genetic Monitoring and Hybridization Program Requires "Free Will" Choice - "At Some Point"

Life Can Get You If You Got Your Guard Down: "Keep It Up"

A Tesla is a Musk and Musk Isn't Tesla

"Massless" No Mass Craft Make Interstellar Travel "Easy"

Government Sponsors "Fake UFO Phone App" : "Touche! All New UAP Videos Suspect 'By Default'"

Nazis Doomed By Lack of Weapons Platform for "Fully Operational" Anti-Gravity Craft Until 1947 Antarctic "High Jump" Thumping

Could A.I. Replace Humans? : "If They're Better, and They Will Be, Yes. That's How It Works."

Elimination of Mass Means Instantaneous Travel Possibilities are "On the Table."

Real Men Don't Eat Quiche: Sherman Egg Pie Recipe "Tasty as Hell! Tell Me Different."

Bada Boom Bada Bing, Some of This and Some of That: They Might Hold Me For a Minute But You Know I'm Coming Back - Jesus Christ

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