WUAPASS: Proud to Always be the Largest

WUAPASS Team Membership roster currently includes over 7 Billion Team Members. "Everyone becomes a Team Member at birth. We include everyone," states CEO and President Gnos Sherman, he then laughs and exclaims, "So, you are always surrounded wherever you are bad guys. You can never hide from WUAPASS. Just look behind you and you'll most likely see a Team Member."

"To provide Truth, we must use the same rules and regulations, or lack thereof, used by those who choose to oppress, so we will take a page right out of their handbook. We have no problem with that. And we do it frequently." Sherman continues, " We need unconditional love first and foremost, and we need to uplift each other. Then, just stand and unite and win our freedom. Because We Can. And we must."

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