WUAPASS NEWS: Newer than News

Atom Bomb "Brings All the Boys to the Yard"

Project Serpo: Interplanetary Exchange Program

Do Black Holes Emerge as Stars at Opposite End?

CIA, NSA, Others Created Within Weeks of Roswell Incident

JFK Orders CIA to Share UAP/FO Files with Russia Days Before Assassination

Space is Mostly Plasma: "Over 99.99%"

Moon and Mars Space Force Bases Operating "For Decades"

Publicly Known Mars and Moon Bases "Still Set to Go" in 2024

Government Snitch: "We've Been Mining the Moon for Helium 3 for Years"

Viruses Alter Host DNA with Messenger RNA Horizontal Gene Transfer

Open Contact Brings Ascension, DNA Activation to Follow

"Concerned" ET's Regular Visitors to Nuclear Sites

WUAPASS: Empty Space "Is Not Nothing"

No Invasion Needed: "We're Already Here"

Google Makes Most Selling Your Information, Not Ads: "You're the Product"

Facebook "Best Tool Ever" of NSA, "They Enter It All Themselves"

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