WUAPASS News: Newer Than New - The Future Now

WUAPASS: "Know What To Do and Do What You Know"

Plasma Universe Provides Medium for Einstein "Macro" and Quantum "Micro" Theories

Futurists Osiris, Horace, Isis Pegged Original Holy Trinity

Quantum "Intra" with Einstein "Inter" Atom Theory Explains Universe Physics "Big and Small"

"Control of Space" Necessitates Nazi Integration by US in "Operation Paperclip"

What's the Deal? "It's Been Technology for Genetics for Millenia," Claims Source

Interfrequencial Torroidal Field Commingling Can Bring Disturbing Feelings

WUAPASS Places "Dibs" on All Proprietary Content, Stories, Sayings, and Titles. "As If," Gloats "Competition"

"Top Breed" Humans Must Ascend Consciously for DNA Activations and Realization of Potential Abilities

Underwater UAP Bases are "Always Areas of Observation," Reveals Whistleblower

Behind Enemy Lines: Competing ET's "Wear Each Other's Uniforms"

Greys, Nordics, Reptilians Named Top 3 "Tamperers"

Hush: Dulles, LBJ "Directly Involved" in JFK Slaying

Buzz Aldrin Tweets Antarctica Reality "Evil" After Visit Before Deleting Later Under Pressure

Awestruck: Worldwide Ancient Stone Megaliths Awe All Who Eye

200 Ton Megalith Stone Baffles Top Engineer, "We Couldn't Do That Today"

Nordics: "Their Skin is as White as a Sheet of Paper. Eyes Blue with White Pupil"

Disguised Dracos Do Devil's Deal with Nazis, "They Disguised Themselves as Nordics"

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