WUAPASS NEWS: Newer than New, Future News Now

Love, Joy, Excitement: Happiness Comes From "Feeling Happy"

Do That To Me One More Time: E Revolution "Last Chance Big Take" for Collusion Opportunists with Means in the Know

Visiting ET's "Perplexed and Puzzled" - Find Earth "Missile Defense System" are Nukes Pointing Back at Planet

Einstein Talks Quantum Mechanics: Should Provide Next Level Possibilities

Fair and Balanced: Government's UAP Information Dissemination Policy Gives Debunkers Equal Platform by Mandate "We're Preventing a Global Psychosis"

Third Eye is Cosmic Connection: "You Can See Inside Your Mind's Eye"

The Connection: Slinging Dope Consciousness from "Day One"

Who's Talking? "Cosmic Connection" Tells Us What to Do. "It's that Voice in your Head."

WUAPASS Theory Explains "Greased Lightning" "Ride the Lightning" Analogies

Generating Electromagnetic Fields Can "Repulse You From a Counter Gravitational Force"

Is Far Out Outer Space Space/Time "Gossip Rag" Finally "Ready for Launch?"

Rumsfeld's Press Conference Day Before 9/11 Sets Bar Low at $2.3 Trillion Shortfall : Day After Events Conveniently Demolish All Contradictory Evidence and "Quashes any Questions"

48% of World Population Doesn't Have Indoor Plumbing

Last Minute Pep Talk: Hitler Uses Film of Electrogravitic Tech to Bolster Generals and Keep Troops Fighting

"Massless" Craft Make E=MC 2 Equation "Work Different"

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