WUAPASS: More is Inside than Out

"I love having my own house and being inside all warm and cozy. Imagine me just sleeping outside just around the contours of my house. Well, living on Earth that's what humans do. And they don't know all of the activity within their planet. It's suppressed information." newly acquired WUAPASS informant laments. "There are ancient civilizations under the Antarctic Ice that are now exposed due to geothermal heat. Huge caverns exist, and I mean huge - like very large city size, if not more. It's incredible, but if you think about it you know it's true. Of course everyone from the old civilization is long gone, but the infrastructure down there is being used by humans right now, and the sub-superstructure is amazing, from what I'm told. Very, very old - but many of the ancient structures there under the ice are almost pristine, and they're decadent, or maybe a little over common imagination. Words cannot describe it."

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