World CO2 at critical level, Release of Tech imminent

WUAPASS has learned that advanced energy technology, often termed Free Energy, will soon be phased into the World economy to forestall a climate catastrophe. "It's all going electrical," source states, "We're being moved into a totally different economy, E tech is, or will very soon be the New Paradigm." The source claims wealthy elitists and massive corporate entities "have retooled during Corona, they used the crisis to sell their oil and and other fossil fuel energy assets and bought into the new E tech, basically gobbled up the means of production for the new energy structure." "We're over in Iraq, commandeering as much oil as we can - possibly using our huge nuclear powered tunneling machines to literally undermine Iran, and of course we do this by removing their oil which is there major source of funding. That's why, in my opinion, Iran attacked US forces - in Iraq but possibly under Iran? Yeah, I think we're giving them the shaft and then sticking it to them, and then sucking them dry. We basically empty the cookie jar over there, fill up all of reserves, including massive underground tanks undisclosed to the public. So then, we'll have all the oil because peak oil has been reached awhile back, and we'll jack up the price on gas and force everyone's hand - people will have to buy electric vehicles because operating a vehicle with an internal combustion engine will just be completely cost prohibitive. Everyone will be driving an electric much, much sooner than they think. Because with Free Energy, we'll have an unlimited supply of electric - without any pollution. It's great, you're gonna love it."

Looks like it's time to invest in E technology. "We had battery powered cars before internal combustion engine vehicles, before 1850 I believe, it was just a more expensive technology, and the oil monopolies were not going to let it happen. No way. Now they have no choice because if not, we're screwed." Critical CO2 levels and an Earth cooling event could lead to an atmospheric collapse, WUAPASS has learned. CO2 is heavier than air, and a major cooling event like in 2009, 2019, or 2029 - when the sun provides the lowest solar radiation to the planet - "could cool all that CO2, and that heavy gas would sink and literally pull the rest of the atmosphere down with it." So anytime you're having a bad day, just know things could be a lot worse. Good day.

WUAPASS Because We Love You, and You Love the ASS

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