What's The Difference?: July 8, 1947 to July 8, 2022 - "75 Years. We've Done the Math," Sherman Says

Updated: Jul 4

Tick tock, tick tock... everyday in the World multiple UAP/FO articles reveal more Truth to The People... "They're on the clock. It's impossible to contain the Truth. It always comes out." Why now? "July 8. 2022 is the last day of legal classification of the Roswell event. The newspaper article of July 8, 1947 revealing the Roswell crash triggered the Presidential Executive Order classifying Roswell." Classifications generally are given 25 years maximum, but exceptions based upon National Security can extend the initial classification to 50 and 75 years. There is no legal classification on record thereafter. "This means July 8,2022 is Final Notice to end the Truth Embargo. Thereafter, they are legally delinquent. And so we're being readied for a major Disclosure. Soon. Why? It's the law."

Coming Soon

WUAPASS News: "It's Newer than News"

Girls with Guns: Asexual Self Replicating Highly Reproductive Invasive Species "Could be a Problem"

It's MAJIC: Majority Joint Intelligence Committee Codenamed Majestic Twelve

Nazi SS Major Von Braun Becomes Head of NASA: Creator of German V2 First Man Made Object in Space in 1942 Leads US to Moon in 60's - "Yes, He was Responsible for over 20,000 Slave Worker Deaths, but He Sure was Good with Rockets."

Latest US Tech includes Trans Medium Craft: Underwater, Atmospheric, Space - "They're Capable of 30,000 MPH in Air, over 500 MPH Underwater, and WARP Speeds in Space."

Patton Miffed Over Orders to Capture Silesia Over Berlin: Higher Powers in The Know Seek Real Prize - "The Nazis Had Anti-Gravity, Pulse Beam Microwave, other Highly Advanced, and Quite Desirable, Weapons Tech There"

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