USMC Captain Drops Bombs on Cosmic Disclosure

United States Marine Corp Captain Randy Kramer is the Official Public Spokesman for the USMC Special Section tasked with leaking Disclosure information to the public.

He's worried about "Speciesism" and claims every type of being exists in the Universe and no one group should be collectively labeled.

"Everything's on the Menu," he states in regard to the dietary habits of many ET species.

"There's less than 100," he reveals about the Draco Reptillian presence, remnants of a planetary "Installation" that are "being hunted down." Their affect on Humanity he labels as currently "minimal" but they've had a huge influence over Humanity in the past. Draco eradication strategies were employed either before 9/11 - which preempted the Twin Towers power grab - or began shortly thereafter as a result of the 9/11 attacks.

We now have a "Terran Time Corp" which keeps our currently stable timeline tamper free.

He makes an exception with the Draco Reptilians and says they're all bad.

There are 5 factions of "Greys" which are all generally self-serving based upon practicability and will agree to agreements, but they do whatever they want in general.

We have a "Mars Defense Force" in the solar system, as well as the Earth Space Force, formerly the Secret Space Force.

"He's either the greatest novelist in history or he's telling the truth. Do I trust him? He's a Marine. Yes I do."

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