Under Radar Mass Arrests Continue, 911 Closure Soon

WUAPASS has discovered that mass arrests of "Cabal" members involved in the child sex and drug trafficking conspiracy are still occuring. "We've got most of them. These arrests started in 2016, so by now we think we have most the major players. They went too far," reveals former Space Force soldier. "Human groups got together and we've about got everyone involved either in custody or accounted for. Those involved not in custody know their day is coming, very soon. We have to show the country that this kind of activity will not stand, and that we've done something about it, and those involved will be held accountable. People need to be able to have trust. Isolated pockets still elude us, but their days are numbered. People, well the whole country if not the world, need closure on this - and it's coming to a head right now."

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