Twin Tower Elevator Remodel Coincides with 911

Is it a coincidence that for nearly a year the central supporting cores of both Twin Tower buildings were both occupied by an "elevator renovation crew" who had 24 hour access to the main supporting structure from top to bottom through both buildings? Many of the main supporting columns showed signs of deliberate explosive demolition characteristics, and molten metal was seen nearly 2 weeks after 911, and the only thinks that burnt that hot ? Not fire, not jet fuel. Explosives used to melt steel? YES. To the comfort of all, this matter - behind the scenes - has been being handled. And of course it is, good people with big guns and tactical means have removed many of the War Criminals. Some are yet to be removed, but it has been fully assured to WUAPASS that they will be. God bless America. Where The TRUTH is ALWAYS the right answer

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