Transparent Aluminum Back-Engineered From Alien Monoliths

Another WUAPASS exclusive, we have learned that the transparent aluminum now being released to the public after years only in elite military units and the secret space force, is back-engineered alien technology. "Most alien monoliths and pyramid structures are made from transparent aluminum. They look terrible now, they're 2 billion years old, for the most part. But they really do shine up soooo nice, they're absolutely beautiful That's where we found that at, on one of the various planets and their moons, but it's everywhere. It's all over the solar system. Probably thousands of various transparent aluminum structures. I would, that'd be dope. But you'll see that tech coming out soon. A bunch of new technology is being released, and much more will be soon. Changes are coming. We all need to be ready to accept, or embrace these changes."

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