The TR-3B is claimed to be a United States top secret nuclear powered flying triangle with anti-gravity technology, and generally, the first mass produced anti-gravity craft capable of both atmospheric and space flight. The MFD, or Magnetic Field Disrupter, is a mechanism using pressurized liquid mercury spun at over 50,000 revolutions per minute in an accelerator ring. The MFD produces a mercury-plasma, of which the electromagnetic forces generated can decrease the forces of gravity on the TR-3B by 89%.

The following is the US patent application filed by the United States government on 12/20/2004.

Could this technology and this craft exist? Considering that the German Horten HO 229 V3, the world’s first jet powered flying wing, a predecessor of the B-2 Stealth Bomber, was designed in the late 1920’s in Germany, the prototype first flown in 1935, yes it most likely could, and in fact does. Contrary to common public belief, Germany won the space race by many years, by launching a man-made object into space in the 1940’s. Yes, the 1940’s. It’s true, look it up. A German V-2 rocket, the world’s first ballistic missile, was launched in space, officially in 1944 and as early as 1942 unofficially. Clearly, Germany was the nation which won the Space Race, not the United States or Soviet Union, although propaganda disseminated by the US and USSR suggests otherwise. We have been misinformed. The first generation, up through present-day technology, extensively if not completely, copy and implement German ballistic missile technology.

It is rumored that the TR-3B has existed since the 70’s. Some claim that it was produced in correspondence with the B-2 Stealth Bomber and released in 1989. It is claimed the B-2 and TR-3B have the exact same wingspan, further eliciting claims it was built in and under the cover of, the B-2 Stealth Bomber program.

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