Torroidal Fields cause UAPS to appear as Orbs

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

WUAPASS has learned it's the torroidal fields generated by the ET craft that make them appear as if they are orb's, or balls of light. "They look like light bubbles," a 4 year old neighbor observed. "There will be 1 or maybe 3, sometimes 5, 7 or up to 11," explained her older sister, an apparent fan of prime numbers. The electromagnetic properties of the torroidal field provide an antagonistic force to Earth's gravity and the craft "can basically ride the gravity waves. Clipper ships rode the ocean waves, Orville and Wilbur Redenbacher rode the air waves, now we ride gravity waves, electromagnetic waves really." revealed source. "It's like air hockey somewhat, you hit that air hockey puck and it instantaneously takes off - like right now. And they're gone just like that as well. But then again, they could be right up there and just cloaked in IR, which is what they do a lot too."

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