Threats, Bribes, and Drugs: Inside the US/Taliban Deal

Why wasn't pulling out enough? What exactly was the catch? "Dope," states WUAPASS Middle East source, "it was how do we get the Taliban to agree to allow poppy production to thrive - now and after we withdrawal. That's what it's all about, and has been about all along. It's Opium War 101 - to establish Full Spectrum Domination it's imperative to prevent the dope money ever being used by an adversary. In fact, if you have the means - and we do - you take control of that revenue stream and use it to achieve your goals. That's how it works."

Heroin production was down to it's lowest historically recorded levels in Afghanistan in late 2001, just 5 percent of world demand. It has been a meteoric rise of poppy flowers since 9/11 as Afghanistan now once again produces up to 90 percent of world raw opiate supply. "We put an end to them burning the fields down. That's our money. You see all the pics online of our soldiers patrolling the poppy fields. We spent trillions and 20 years there to facilitate full rights on that dope." Big Pharma requires raw opiates derived only from the poppy flower to manufacture every opiate based drug on the market - from Vicodin to Morphine. "If you're Big Pharma, the World's largest drug dealer, and you've just built this huge narcotic market you absolutely cannot allow your poppy fields to be destroyed. It's egg on your face, it's your money, and it won't jive... and obviously it didn't."

It was still a brutal deal. "The Taliban are a deeply religious and moral people, they will fight you to the death for what they believe - it's actually somewhat admirable. We not only agreed to pull out fully - just leave the entire country to them - but we greased the wheels with $80 Billion to complete the deal. We leave and we pay them off. Classic."

There were a couple catches. "The US tells the Taliban if we have to come back, it'll be Davy Crockett and He carries a big stick (Davy Crockett is the name of a tactical nuke reportedly sold to various US allies and used by Saudi Arabia against Syria). Just give us our dope, here's full control and $80 Billion. Just don't mess with our stuff and it won't be a projected 30 to 50 tactical nukes and total annihilation." A deal was reached. "Whether we'll be able to keep the dope supply at acceptable levels is yet unknown."

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