The Greatest Story of Human History Part One: The Truth is a Lie

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

A complex web entangles our world. Many of the things we take for granted as true are, in fact, false. We are "programmed," a government term, through our educational institutions and mass media to believe a false narrative of our reality, of our history, and of what the future will look like.

A secret has been kept by governments for over a millenia. A secret that is finally now in process of being disclosed. What has changed? A lot. This story exposes a very real, and very intricate worldwide conspiracy that effects every aspect of our lives, from birth, to death, and beyond.

The Universe is a vast expanse of space with trillions of galaxies each housing trillions of stars with immeasurable more worlds. Life flourishes throughout, and spreads like wildfire even in the most inhospitable environments. It is estimated that intelligent species and their civilizations may number in the billions. Earth is not the center of the Universe, in fact we occupy an area near the edge of our own galaxy. There's a lot going on out there, so much more, just in our galaxy alone, one of trillions.

Extraterrestrials, like humans, come in both "good" and "bad." There are some bad characters out there, and like on Earth, human trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, and piracy exist. Negative extraterrestrials have abducted, raped, killed, enslaved, and eaten humans. Even darker fates bestow some who fall into the clutches of negative ET''s. The truth is bizarre, stranger than fiction, almost unfathomable. There are reasons to be afraid of negative ET's. This real threat, as well as other factors including religious reaction and general panic in the face of the unknown, have been used by those inside the covert government to justify the lack of disclosure to the public. But this threat has become less and less valid as will be revealed later in this series. The reduced threat has allowed the Establishment room to pivot and opportunity to maintain control of the ET, UAP, Disclosure narrative, as well as solicit funds from the people. While a real threat was portrayed as no threat, now a much reduced threat has been posed as a much expanded threat. Counterintelligence always tries to stay a few steps ahead of their adversaries, and in this case the adversary is plain and simple: those not in the know.

Governments are responsible and accountable to those they govern, in a free system. We'll look at the justifications, reasons, realities, and the very latest on the UAP issue, and we will show how it ties in to every facet of your life. And the truth, the real truth, is fascinating. Yet also disturbing, and a very, very dark reality. Coming Soon: Part Two - The Players

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