Team Work Make the Dream Work

Updated: Jul 22

Corporate Consciousness is a newer concept based upon the principle of synergy. "It's the collective wisdom of a Corporation and the ability to effectively use that knowledge - or 'Corporate intelligence.' At WUAPASS, we use organizational brainstorming with incentives, it's fully involved groupthink and bonus potential with profitably implemented visions, suggestions, comments, or ideas."

Synergy is the principle that the sum of the parts is greater than the total parts individually. "It's like an automobile, you can't ride just a muffler too far, but you put all the parts together and you have a vehicle - maybe a nice Toyota 4runner you could drive to Tierra Del Fuego where you'd be 80 percent of the way to Antarctica. From there you could charter a vessel and visit the icy continent. The Earth's torroidal fields emanate from the poles. What are the roles of the holes in the poles viewed on Google Earth via satellite? Are rumors of a German settlement under the ice cap flush with greenery, geothermal warmth, and massive cavities true? Are there ancient civilizations and electromagnetic space portals? Yes."

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