Take #2: Navy Videos are Roswell on US Terms

What's the difference? About 74 years and counting. Roswell is almost 75 years old! And that's the longest, 75 years, a Presidential Order can keep a file "Classified." "Oh ok, so that's why all the UFO (UAP) stuff all over the place now," stated interviewee, " because Roswell is gonna drop in 2022. Yeah, that makes sense." The craft shown on the US Navy "leaked" videos are purported to actually be our own above top secret US Navy craft, and the American government is using this staged event as Roswell 2.0. "They're staying ahead of the game, controlling the narrative. This is their last chance to have a second take on the picture presented to The People. It's Acknowledgement at least. And that's the starting point. So here we go."

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