Space Force was Secret Space Force

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

"It's true." WUAPASS has learned that the Space Force announced into existence by President Trump existed before his announcement, and by how long is up to debate. "Well, really it's ever since those Horton boys started doodling up their flying wings and Von Braun started building his rockets. It's been from the beginning since we incorporated the German space program into what little we had at the time. With Roswell, and all that there together, it became that much more advanced. So the Space Force, when did it begin? It's been in the works for 100 years, for sure. When did we call it Space Force? It was after Roswell we started putting that all together, in terms of the craft and the tech and the bases and all that. The President's Executive Order on the cover-up could only be 75 years, tops. From 1947. And that's up next year in 2022, so hence all the UFO UAP stuff recently. They're just preparing us."

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