Same Old Song and Dance: Climate Crisis Solution "Just Doesn't Pay"

You may remember buying a new desktop computer "back in the day." You'll most likely remember you're hardware becoming "infected" with a virus or malware... But then, miraculously, you receive a message from the anti-virus, anti-malware people selling you a "fix" for your new problems. You probably didn't even know it could be a problem, until it was... Good thing there were these "miracle workers" who could solve your new problem and get your hardware and software back in form...

The only thing is, it's the folks offering the solution who cause the problem in the first place...

"It's carrot/stick, bait/switch. problem/solution marketing. They cause a problem only they have the solution to," Sherman Says.

However, was there ever a real problem to begin with? "They have the answers, the solutions, the fixes...the real deal is that they're trying to get into your pockets, your wallet..."

Global warming is "The New Thing." Massive Corporations that have been poisoning the planet have been playing a game. "And they hold all the cards."

Why fix a problem permanently when you've got the "Final Solution?" "You don't. You sell wind power, solar panels, alternative energy technologies, etc... You milk it for all it's worth. That's how it works."

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