Pick a Card, Giant Alien Plays Game with Doctor

Driving through Southern France, a famous Alien Contactee stopped by a small isolated mountain tavern for a Coca-Cola and a coffee very late at night in the early 1990's. Entering the tavern he saw it was empty with exception of the bartender and three very large, extremely tall men at the bar. He noticed his eyes were at the level of the three men's waists and he was very intimidated also by the emotionless stoic look upon the men's faces. Looking to order and leave as soon as possible, he was unnerved when the giant man closest to him insisted he play a card game with him. To satisfy this man of massive size he agreed for a quick game and was asked to pick a card. He did as instructed and the massive man immediately guessed the card. Over and over he picked the correct card picked from the deck by the doctor. The doctor was perplexed but things got overwhelming when the doctor thought to himself he'd pick a card but change it in his head to a different card as it felt like the man was reading his mind. He then heard in his mind not even to think about changing the card in his mind. The doctor freaked out and had to use the restroom to splash cold water on his face. Emerging from the restroom, the men were gone - just 30 or so seconds later. He asked the bartender where were the men and he told him they must have driven off. There was no car at the tavern when the doctor had arrived, and looking out the front door he saw no sign of the men, and no footprints in the snow. He guessed the men were 9 feet tall. He believes they were extraterrestrials.

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