People Vote Bill of Rights Torn Up

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

In a WUAPASS exclusive, we bring you the latest power grab being perpetrated by the government - and it's all our fault. With nationalistic fervor running at peak capacity, the Patriot Act was signed into law. The sad reality is that this bill had been written before 9/11. "There's no way they could have just come up with this document that fast. It is reminiscent of the Enabling Act passage after the Reichstag fire in Nazi Germany. That act also is known now to have been written before the event which cauterized it's passage."

It appears 9/11 was a power grab. To establish Full Spectrum Domination. Aggressive Nationalist tendencies allow excessive action to be taken after such a false flag operation. The outrage of 9/11 gave a pretext for Full Spectrum Domination. And while some extreme nationalists who are not elitists may bask in the establishment of this New World Order. they may be completely unaware that they are part of the group which the government may fear the most - The People. "The common people are now actually an enemy combatant the government is extensively preparing for. Why? Well the American people constitute the largest armed force on Earth, possessing the most guns, and by a very wide margin." There are more guns in America than people. It's a legitimate reason to be afraid if we are seen as a threat, but it's our country - and The People, by law, are empowered - even encouraged - if to make sure they remain the ultimate power, by whatever necessary means. "That's what the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and The Bill of Rights say. Oh fuck - we just voted our rights away...again."

Some say Corona was a practice run at marshall law, and maybe an operation attempting to establish an Electronic Surveillance State - keep people static and monitor devices and locations. Hmm.... This has some credibility as NOONE EVER does a Census in the middle of a pandemic. Someone traveling to each house one by one in a pandemic? "Get outta here! No way. Nope. Does not happen. It's the exact opposite of what you do in these situations. It only makes sense that an information and data collection operation was underway. An electronic lockdown with physical on paper affirmation collected face to face at your door. What have we done. And what are we in for?"

WUAPASS learned today of the latest power and rights grab scheme. "The new individual information collection agenda dictates collection of the facial constructive (face, more precisely the horizontal eye swath region) using Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) matched with the individual voice "fingerprint" using Voice Recognition Technology (VRT) and all the corresponding individual data - name, address, social security number, phone number, even bank account numbers, email addresses, fingerprints, search engine data, social media data. They get your fingerprints every touch screen you touch. And they do collect them." Facebook, Google, Microsoft eagerly collaborate with the government. It's money, influence, power, and control. "These corporations trade our rights away for monetary gain, influence, and government concessions. They help the government get the new Internet Bill passed and they get preferential treatment. Under the veil of a terrorist threat, we've been played. We've all been sold out. We're an unwieldly consumerist collective being handled. They want Full Spectrum Domination over those they represent - The People. And that's a backwards, unacceptable paradigm. But it's true."

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