No news is good news on 911

Shhhh...... hmmm.... I don't here anything either. " If it's too much silence then you know something is going on," exhorts Gnos Sherman, self-proclaimed leader of the free world, "when all of a sudden everybody who was making big noise on this, when they silenced at like the same time, well we at WUAPASS smelled something was brewing." "It was odd. It was an anonmaly. It went right into the WUAPASS files as "unusual." Doing our due diligence, we followed up, again and again, sometimes abusing coffee as a stimulant." "For the story, well if you're in the game you know it's all about the story. Hyperbole pays my bills, truth alone doesn't attract the masses. But we don't ever bullshit. Never."

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