Negotiations with Taliban "tough"

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

We were caught "like a fiend when the dope is gone," states source. "Big Pharma was gonna lose billions, maybe trillions, if the Taliban kept cutting down the poppy fields. Heroin is big money, and it's one of the biggest source of funds to the CIA and covert Black government." "It was unacceptable to lose the largest supply of dope in the world. That's our money." claims source. "The deal was we will leave, and we'll leave 80 billion dollars of equipment for you too. As long as the poppy fields aren't messed with, we're all about signing that deal. The Afghan people don't really factor into the equation. Once the Taliban agreed not to cut the poppy fields, well, we were just ecstatic." "All opioid drugs, the Vicodins, Percocets, Oxys, Morphine, Heroin, Dilodid, and the hundreds more all need Afghan poppies to be manufactured. To build up the market like they did, then to not come through with supply - that's not what a big time drug dealer does. No way our government was gonna screw this up."

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