NASA: Man On Moon to Stay in 2024

The long awaited permanent Moon colony is set "to go" in May 2024. The "Artemis" program plans to established Base Camp somewhere near the south pole of the celestial object. "To give astronauts a place to live and work on the moon, the Artemis Base Camp concept includes a modern lunar cabin, a rover, and a mobile home," states NASA.

Helium 3 will be mined in it's frozen solid form and shipped into space in massive containers. "He3 is very valuable, and in it's solid form it's easy to mine. There's enough easy to work with He3 to power the Earth for thousands of years. It's a new gold rush. And we'll be there in a couple years to stay," reveals Gnos Sherman, "it's part of the Moon to Mars program - which you can read about at the following official NASA program link."

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