More to come, Not z best day for Jewish Community

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

It has become known to WUAPASS that Germany, and the Third Reich, won WWII.

Looks like Oktobeer Fest will have a little extra step this year. Germany, led by Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party, apparently took their party - after the Allies crashed it - down to Antarctica. "Yes, it's true," states inside source. Admiral Doenitz, who succeeded Hitler, stated in 1943 to worried Hitlerites, do not worry, we've prepared an impenetrable fortress for The Fuerher, in a far far corner of the World. The German U Boats (Submarines, they call them U Boats) were State of the Art high tech crafts they used to manuever under the Antarctic Ice Shelf and find a geothermally heated cavern of immense proportions under the Ice Cap that amazingly was warm, about 80 degrees, and lush with foliage and vegetation. "It's true," states anonymous confidant.

Like the title reads, there will be More to Come here, exclusively at WUAPASS. Asstonishing ass Always

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