Meet the Space Force

"We've got plasma knives, and plasma swords," claims insider, "in the Space Force, which has always just been "The Space Force" to me and everyone in it, but it's been the "Secret Space Force" to everyone else, everyone outside of it." "When I first started in the Space Force, or 'Secret Space Force,' we were about 50 years ahead of the mainstream technology, but it wasn't but a few years into it that we were 100 years ahead, and probably 1000 years in some areas."

The US has produced multiple ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) using RAT (Reversed Alien Technology). It has been widely speculated that "cigar-shaped" UAPs/UFOs are an example of submarine (or U Boat) technology repurposed for Space. The TR 3B is a craft believed to be produced by the US, as well as the TAW-50 - which has been labeled a high speed space bomber with a top speed of Mach 50, or 38,000 mph. An object must be traveling approximately 25,000 mph to exit Earth's atmosphere. A newer US craft with trans-medium capability has been sighted emerging from water in multiple areas and disappearing instantaneously into the heavens.

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