Meet the Greys: Big and Small

You're pleasantly asleep when a group of small "grey" extraterrestrials place you into a state of deep unconsciousness and levitate you from the bed and move you through the walls or ceiling right into an extraterrestrial craft. You've been abducted! Meeting the Aliens may sound like a great idea, however abductees are often traumatized after being kidnapped and used like a guinea pig. "They'll have sexual relations with our women, impregnating them with an alien hybrid, then a couple months later they're abducted again and the fetus is removed and placed in a tank to incubate and develop fully until ready to survive outside of the vat. The big Greys smell really foul, and their appearance can be very frightening to most humans. So they'll send their little helpers, the 'small Greys' to do the job so us human abductees aren't quite so freaked out. The little Greys are biological robots and present a much less threatening, and smelly, threat."

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