Lies, Lies, Lies! : Media Put on Notice - "Get That Bullshit Out of My Ear"

The Nazis perfected propaganda in the 1930's. Respect the flag or be labeled an unpatriotic enemy of the state. From infancy through final burial, Germans were indoctrinated with Nazi ideology. "A lie told 1000 times becomes the truth," exhorted Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda. "Believe it," Sherman Says, "Today, they call it 'Programming.'"

Operation Paperclip, the absorption of the Nazi power structure into the American scientific and corporate communities, began during the final stages of World War II and was fully implemented in the 1950's. McCarthyism, a deliberate ploy demonizing Soviet Communism, allowed the Nazis - "the most die-hard Anti-Communists ever" - almost instant and unchecked integration into the United States power structure. "No one hates Communism more than the Nazis, and they really proved that in WW2 by killing tens of millions of Russians. So, in the post-war anti-communist paradigm, we got along really well. And they knew how to build rockets and other exotic weapons. It was a perfect match."

Fascism is the integration of the corporate structure into the power structure of a nation. "It's exactly what happened after WW2, corporations were given vast power in the name of technological progress and efficiency. Corporate control of a nation is Fascism, and we now live in The Fascist States of America. It's true."

Today, the Media is a bought and paid for commodity, like a loaf of bread. The power holders slice it up and dole it out to consumers, We The People, in whatever method best suits their interests. "You can blame the media, call them clueless airheads merely reading the nightly news from a prepared script, but they do have some responsibility. We should expect a level of integrity from the media, but it's not forthcoming. The kids these days just read the propaganda they're given and collect their check at week's end. Is anyone in today's media concerned about the truth? Well, at WUAPASS, The Truth is Always the Right Answer, so 'we'll see.'"

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