It's All About That Mass: No Mass Equates Exponentially in Einstein's E=MC2 Equation

E=MC2.... Energy = Mass x The Speed of Light Squared... Using basic math, we can deduce Einstein's equation with a Massless craft. By dividing Mass from the equation, E/M = M/M C2, the equation is reduced to E/M = C2.... This deduction demonstrates, mathematically, that Massless craft can travel up to The Speed of Light Squared. Gnos Sherman, World Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Association CEO/President explains, "That's the Universal Speed Limit, and it's what make Interstellar Space travel possible."

"A simple analogy is Air Hockey. While the Air Hockey puck is not massless, the air jets propelling the puck above the Air Hockey playing surface provide lift simulating a massless object 'floating on air.' Once hit, the Air Hockey puck is instantaneously propelled and immediately shoots off 'like a bullet.' It is 'Massless' and force that would normally be required to move the Air Hockey puck is greatly reduced. UAP/FO's demonstrate a similar instantaneous and immediate propulsion as they are 'Massless.' Using an electromagnetic field, UAP/FO's repulse a counter electromagnetic field, such as the Earth's gravitational field, as become 'Massless.' The concept is a simple as two magnets. Usually the magnets attract toward each other. However, placing the magnetic poles in reverse generates a repulsive force. This is how UAP/FO's reduce their Mass and are able to 'float' in the air and move immediately and instantaneously when propelled by force. And it's why UAP/FO's move from zero to high speed immediately, and are always seen shooting off like a bullet. They have no mass."

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