Invasion, Acknowledgment, Open Contact

It's an exciting time for Humanity. The so-called "Fake Alien Invasion" occurred with the US Navy videos "leaked" to the New York Times. This was a 2 for as it also simultaneously provided "Acknowledgment" as it was presented as "off world" technology, with no one on the Earth claiming it and in fact denying it 100%. US Government Spokesman by proxy, former AATIP Commander and Counterintelligence Operative Lou Elizondo publicly stated "It looks like We May Not Be Alone," on the History Channels "Unidentified" series. Clearly, the craft shown on the 3 "leaked" US Navy videos have been posed as UAPs, and presented to the World as technology unavailable on Earth, doing things we cannot do. "I'll say it, they're saying the ET's are here. I think a lot of people just shrugged their shoulders. We're not dumb. This has been going on a long time, it's 75 years this year from Roswell in 1947. The classification legally ends. Their hand is somewhat forced, but that's another article. Next is Open Contact. And that will be this year," reveals Gnos Sherman.

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