Insectoids Get Bad Rap: "They're Kind Loving Beings"

"I'd just like to tell everyone out there that if you ever get the good fortune of being in the presence of a Mantris ET, they look like a Preying Mantis, and I guess they'd fall in the Insectoid ET class - that although you may be terrified - because they look like an insect and you're unaccustomed to that - they are kind and loving beings. Their gentle spirit actually shames us humans. They're very, very loving beings. I don't believe a human has ever been harmed by one, they don't even think like that. If you recognize the love they project, and you get over and accustomed to their appearance, they will only uplift and build and enlighten you. Being in their presence you just feel so amazing. And they are so smart, it's incredible. You gain knowledge being around them, and you realize that it's all love." reveals Gnos Sherman.

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