Humans Not All Reincarnates, Some are Avatars

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

"It's a long flight across the Atlantic and you want some entertainment, so you rent a movie. Well, it also can be a long flight across the Universe, laughs Gnos Sherman, "so sometimes you'll want entertainment and projecting your consciousness into a human avatar gives you something to do on those long voyages. With the space/time differential, some can "live" a very long life as a human avatar. A whole human life from birth to death during their trip of, oh say 6 months. These human avatars are regularly abducted to check on them physically because this experience, like a movie during a flight, costs money and it's guaranteed a healthy human container will be provided for the duration of the experience. One human avatar, who of course didn't know he was an avatar, I've spoke to woke up on the trip and they saw their true self, their self in the avatar projection seat, and they were like 'oh my God, what the fuck am I.' I'm sure that was a real trip."

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