Humanity Genetically Engineered, Bred, Harvested As Resource

WUAPASS has learned humanity was created by 'hybridizing' hominid Homo Erectus by splicing in Alien DNA into human chromosomes. Engineered, bred, and harvested as a resource, whether to populate or repopulate worlds, as slaves, or as a food or drug source. First used on Earth to mine gold, humans quickly became a valued resource traded throughout the galaxy. A genetic breeding program has been upgrading the human race continually. "Like we breed dogs." Likewise, it has been speculated our physical human body is merely a container housing the soul - our human consciousness. And this is another revenue source which is exploited. "Being human isn't free, in fact the payments begin before birth. It costs money whether you reincarnate, or project into an avatar, or whatever. Nothing is free."

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