How Will Humanity React: Disclosure Coming

Acknowledgement has occurred, acknowledgement of an UFO/UAP presence was verified by the US Navy in April 2020, just 1 month into the Corona lock down. WUAPASS believes the US Navy incidents were staged events, "Acknowledgement" on US Navy terms, in a controlled environment. "It's hard to get the Aliens to hold still," states inside whistleblower, "we staged this, it's our redo of Roswell now that, not only with Roswell being declassified next year, the presence of ET's can't be hidden anymore." "We will be introduced soon to an interstellar civilization, and it's gonna blow everyone's mind's, for sure, trust me, you're gonna love it, and it's sooner than you think," says Disclosure advocate Gnos Sherman, "The possibilities are limitless."

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