From: The Greys (on Eben's Tab): Roswell "Gift" to Uplift Humanity

Intergalactic politics. It makes the Trump/Biden/Bush/Obama/Clinton drama seem somewhat small in comparison. "The ET group known as the Greys had believed and accused another ET species known as the Draco Reptilians of interfering in Human affairs," reveals Gnos Sherman, "The Greys were at war with another ET faction known as the Ebens at this time. They used this fact to cleverly bypass the "Prime Directive" of non-interference and used advanced technology allowing them to control weather phenomena. During a non-invasive observation over Roswell, New Mexico - the only nuclear weapon stockpile and bomber capable delivery site in the World at this time - two Eben craft were caught in a violent lightning storm. Using lightning as a weapon, The Greys struck the two Eben craft and precipitated their collision and ultimate crash landing on Earth near Roswell and Corona, New Mexico. They did this in a way to uplift Humanity without technically directly interfering in Human affairs. They believed the German Nazis had made secret agreements with the Draco Reptilians and had received advanced technology and accommodations hidden under the Antarctic ice cap. They wanted to re-balance the power structure of the planet and found this to be an acceptable solution."

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