Free Energy: "That's the Problem."

Updated: Feb 4

WUAPASS has learned that "Free Energy," a term used in Physics to describe a minimum state of energy within an area, isn't 'free' to everyone. "The big oil companies, the majority of their infrastructure and the Monopoly they hold on the energy supply will go away when free energy arrives. We'll all of a sudden be able to power everything relatively simply, nearly completely unlimited, with zero pollution." "E tech is blowing up now and the internal combustion engine is on the way out. Once they have all Middle Eastern oil safely below ground in enormous, but classified, storage tanks here in America, that's when they'll raise the gasoline prices so high it will be completely cost prohibitive to operate an internal combustion vehicle. It'll be through new use taxes at first, climate related per gallon carbon taxes - even though they hold the technology to solve this issue permanently. The high costs will force everyone's hand - we'll all have to buy the new E tech. The electric grid is established now, yes we'll have to beef that up, but that's the future. Fox News has already reported on coming climate lockdowns on par with the Corona lockdowns. They'll use fears to basically market your money. It's a game, a scam, just another way to get into your wallet. Someone gets a raise but the rest of us lose."

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