Five Basic Types of ET's, claims source.

A paid informant, compensated directly from the WUAPASS treasury, provided exclusive and classified content on the ET's that will soon be revealed to the Earth. "Sometimes you gotta grease the wheels, yeah, we paid for the information, but to get the Exclusive a Star Reporter will do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes," states Gnos Sherman.

The paid informant said the 5 Basic types of ET's in our galaxy are Humanoids, Greys, Insectoids, Interfrequntials, and More exclusive insight will be given, "once the check clears," a visibly irritated paid informant says.

"Money doesn't buy happiness, some say, but it will buy someone's integrity and a good story. WUAPASS will do what it takes, and we'll continue to do what it takes until they silence us," proclaimed Gnos Sherman.

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