Falling Into You: Gravity Wells Offer Propulsion Opportunities

"It must've been that second cup of coffee," concludes Gnos Sherman, "I grabbed the toothpaste and squeezed way too hard. The tube couldn't handle the sudden increase in compression from behind and it blasted right out of the front of the tube and gushed all over the sink. Then I thought, 'This is kind of how a Gravity Well used in Interstellar Space Travel works."

To propel a craft, a Gravity Well can be used to "compress" the Space behind the craft. An artificial gravitational deficiency is created on one side of the craft using an advanced energy technology. "You open a Gravity Well and you fall into it. It's that simple. You're craft is inside a plasma "bubble" created electromagnetically by a torroidal field surrounding the craft which has been generated by the craft. This nearly indestructible bubble of plasma 100,000 times "hotter" than the Sun provides not only a containment area and protective field, but can be used for it's anti-gravitational properties to ride gravity waves. Riding "frictionless" on a gravity wave, now a Gravity Well is created and you fall into it instantly. You're riding 'greased lightning' but you're not really moving - the "bubble" you're in is moving. So no G effects to worry about. And like an Air Hockey puck when it's hit, the acceleration is right now and "frictionless" and you'll shoot off immediately. While it's a good analogy, toothpaste gets pushed out of it's tube, a Gravity Well actually pulls you into it. Increasing the gravitational deficiency using energy will pull you faster and faster, and since you're "riding the lightning" and traveling "frictionlessly" you can go real fast. It's a technology very useful for Interstellar travel."

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