Eben Christ! Jesus an ET Hybrid - Immaculate Conception Via Alien Abduction

You'll prolly be hearing it here first. We don't want to bust any bubbles. We've just put the pieces together and connected the dots. And then we conclude. "That's how it works," Sherman says, a self-acknowledged 'Excitable Boy.' "Gathering information is the first step of problem solving. I learned that in school, a class I was required to take when I was arrested and convicted of DWAI. It's influenced me to this day."

WUAPASS is only possible because of the dedication and hard work of the pioneers who sometimes gave all. "It's true."

WUAPASS has learned that Jesus Christ was an Alien Hybrid placed on Earth to uplift and aid in the healthy and successful evolution of Humanity. A young girl, genetically superior, unblemished physically. aesthetically pleasing, Virgin of "Good Stock" was abducted by an ET species known as the Ebens. She was inseminated and a hybridized being was born on Christmas - Xmas - 12/25/00. The Son of God, King of the Jews, The Lord Jesus Christ was Born. Hallejuah. Amen.

The Good Man Joseph married Mary, she'd been compromised and de-valued. He deemed the impregnated, but available, child a prize, sexually active, desirable and appealing, beyond he. "Virgin," he scoffed. Yet that's how it was.

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