Dracos involved in Human Trafficking and Drug Dealing

WUAPASS has learned a group of predominantly negative ET's, the Draco Reptilians, are involved in a massive human trafficking enterprise, as well as drug dealing. "They like children", states a source, "they kill them and eat them, but they primarily like them for their adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is a hormone like substance that some ET races get high on, and little children have high levels of it, so they like to extract that and sell it around the galaxy. If you've seen a Draco all jacked up on adrenochrome, well, it make's Scarface look like a boy scout."

"They abduct our women too, and they rape them and eat them too. Men actually have it a little better in that they're not as frequently abducted, but they will if it's an easy grab or they need a victim to feed on their blood and that is what's available. Sometimes they will also sell men into slavery, or just eat them too. But they like children best."

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