Draco's Time Travel Move to Thwart WW2 Victor Partially Successful

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

In a revelation, WUAPASS top snoop Gnos Sherman has learned the contact of the Nazis in WW2 by a group of Draco Reptilians was a time travel operation bent on propping up and propelling the Third Reich to victory. A group of Dracos, projecting themselves and appearing as Tall White Nordics duped the Fuehrer into a devil's deal. "The Nazis agreed, in exchange for alien technology, to provide the Dracos with large supplies of food, drugs, and slaves - in the form of Jewish children. It became an all out buffet and party for the Dracos and many of the slaves will be worked and tortured into infinity. It's a cruel fate, but the Dracos really prize children as food and a source of andrenochrome, their drug of choice, as well as slaves - including sex slaves."

"We let it stand as the timeline and that timeline is actually very solid right now. We got alien tech out of it so we decided to just let it go," WUAPASS source reveals.

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