Negative Reptilian Installations Named in Kennedy Assasinations

Updated: Jan 3

WUAPASS has discovered that the negative Reptilian extraterrestrial presence on the Earth has been labeled as a "Planetary Installation." This "Installation" was implemented by the negative Reptilians millennia ago as a means to keep Humanity from developing and progressing at it's potential and to harvest Humanity as a resource. The ability of these negative Reptilians to disguise themselves with technology and appear as human has allowed the negative Reptilian infiltration to take hold and subjugate the planet under the radar of the ET species which have stock in and look after Humanity. 911 was "too far" and the negative Reptilian presence was identified and the process of dislodging the negative ET presence from the Earth was begun. According to reports they've been mostly removed now, but there are still pockets existing that are being currently rooted out. "I will be a prophet today... Rightly or not, I believe that the Draco Installation will be named as key perpetrator of the plot to assassinate both JFK and RFK, amongst others. And you heard it here first," deadpans Gnos Sherman. "Open Contact is coming soon. And that will be with the Greys. The negative Reptilian presence will be released thereafter. Right now it's all about the Space Force and having a protective shield that the populace can feel safe under. They need to feel safe when Open Contact occurs so we'll be learning a lot more about the Space Force very soon. In fact, it's already started with the release of the 3 US Navy UAP videos. Those UAPs are ours - they're part of the Space Force - so there's no need to worry there. It's just a part of the programming and conditioning process we all receive."

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