Don't Panic! Chip to be Implemented Slowly

WUAPASS uncovered a potential government scheme to chip every human on the planet. "They won't do it all at once. They don't work like that. It'll be over the course of years. If they just announced 'Everyone required to be chipped now' people wouldn't accept it, there would be a lot of opposition and it would go over like a lead Zeppelin - and there could be mass rioting. So they'll start - and it already has - with a shortage on coins, and everyone will be using their debit and credit cards more because of it. Once the population has been conditioned to this point, and this is about where we are at now, next there will be a more substantial coin shortage, phase by phase less coins, more card usage, more conditioning and then paper money becomes more scarce. The announcement of the corona virus infecting the money supply requires the government to pull physical money. They've had a hard on to do this for quite awhile. Now, folks with cards will just use those and they will feel the effects of the absence of physical currency less than those who were mostly cash users. However, this isn't the end of the scheme. Chips will become more and more prevalent. Soon, to use a toll road - you'll need a chip. Anyone arrested will be chipped instead of fingerprinted. Not much you can do in that situation as you're in custody and if you want to leave, well you'll have to let them chip you. Want to ride on an airplane - you'll need a chip. It will become more and more necessary to be chipped to live in our world. No chip, No entrance, stuff like that. Yes, there will be those who resist as far as possible, but they won't have cash and once their card companies all require the new chips? Well, that literally forces your hand."

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